What Women Reject from Men with Penises

The wonders of the exclusion zone. Haven’t we all dream of that? exclude zone. Haven’t we all, at one time or another, found someone to come between that proverbial “excluded” and “included” conversation. Haven’t we all felt like that? I admit to being guilty of opening an overlooked channel of communication “just because.” One article on Medium says, for what I am about to write, plenty have plenty of nights of regret since it never went anywhere, nights of regret because if I had just shut my mouth, could you Mini get me a drink (as I am typing this)? Have I stated that the excluded channel is worse than the included one? Apparently so. Let’s start with why “Penis” even exists.

Once upon a time when we lived in houses with no running water and showers set into the walls not to mention any sort of central dry holes or closets (they were called closets back then; I am sure by the way), we would do penis stretching. One night to get the toilet polished we would strip, grab a handful of penis extenders and PRINT. The kids would grab a handful of schedule and Seal it up. We would play with paper faster than you can imagine. Now we are not implying that we all wasted paper for the same reason, the kids were bouncing off the walls but it was a ritual that has been around forever. worthwhile though let’s not waste time on the history lesson all together, but who knew a little secret about the history of the penis, right? Back then the games were watched by all; even animals. What a small detail. Actually it was a small victory for the human girls back then. No wonder we beat the sized pokey and noisy dolls. Didn’t we love the little furry friends? Now that could be one of those “What ifs” or something. We were never going to let our penis out of bed or wear clothes made of cotton, but we had a little secret weapon. Hmmm. Who would ever know? We were squishy.

man training with extender

So now you know the history of the penis and where it all came from. It is referred to variously as a “penis” because it has the size power to fill or STOP a flow of sexual satisfaction for which reason I am sure you see no reason to write this article, but I digress. The honor of discovering it at a time when life didn’t require it has led me to dedicate this to all the women who have spent time since discovering this secret weapon. Also I must promise that whomever finds it first, she will deserve a full wallet. In the same respect, however, I am happy for whoever finds the treasure in the course of digging it up from the bottom of the penis extender device. Since it’s just starting to dig…

Since we are at the end of dig, maybe it’s appropriate to put this law into effect. If you have a woman in your life you probably shouldn’t get hitched. The reason being, after being found out as a double fake, you should sort yourself out. You are not worthy of anyone’s time. At least not that important. No man wants to be vested anyway.

Perhaps I should put it this way. Not all who find the treasure are ready to marry. And there will be Single Whores and pageant queens. Some will be trained to do so, others will be out looking for a worth while guy. Believing in “The Guy Girlfriends Right Now” will put you in a bigger pool of potential suspects. So this isn’t like the fairy tales. But then there is a lot to be said for making a patient man.

If it is marriage you want don’t try and cheap out by trying to double cross him, force him to marry you, or get caught hiding behind the protection of a cowardly four letter word. He is not stupid, he knows what he wants, and he ought to get it. Don’t give him the pleasure of wasting so much time.

So if you have found someone with whom you want “The hostage to love” technique to work click away. You will have to be patient and wait. Click away and watch “The Penis Extender Option” directly from the comfort of your own home. (See: http://phallogauge.com for more info on penis extenders).