Strive For Quality Family Time

When was the last time you sat down together as a family and just focused on your conversation? It’s great to be able to talk face to face as a family but sometimes we are so busy that after a while we just need to relax.

Not think, and not focus on the conversation but just relax together.

What’s the way to do that?  How many of your grandparents reminisce about when you were small and growing up? It’s probably realized that a lot of our children and grandchildren love to talk about things they went through as children.

The only way to really be able to enjoy the stories and reminisce of the children is to hear them first.

Sounds so simple but most parents are so busy, or at least that’s how they make it seem to their children, when in reality they most likely have some time to spend with their children if they really dedicated themselves to it.

For children, it seems like after school is always time to play some sort of game or ride bikes or go on a swing.

It’s almost like they wasted time because all they really did was sit and play.

But that’s not the way it ought to be; play with your children and enjoy their company.

You are the most important sources in their life.

When they talk, listen.

They count on you, and you should be a part of that.

It’s a life and it’s a responsibility.

It’s time today to stop, stop, stop! These are the golden years in your life.

Time for yourself and your children.

Renew that feeling with the time that we have together.

Let you brain work and just relax, for a while – simple things like that really help.

When was the last time that you played a single sport?

Not been a part of sports but have a family member.

The sport can be anything, but I always wanted to be a basketball player.

We just played a game for fun and we laughed.

It’s the feeling of time together.

Travel back in time and see how you want to best use the time you have together.

Realize that you’re not going to be able to solve all the problems or all the problems together but you’ll all feel like you’re doing a good job together.

Then it’s the right time to ask again if you all need to know each other better.

Or teach each other how to be a better person.

It’s important to understand that being a parent takes a lot of energy and commitment.

Sometimes is a hard job, and you might not feel like it as much as you once did but it’s an important part of family life.

There are limits to your energy and commitment, and now is the time to understand that your energy level is a very important part of the development of your children.

Another thing that is most definitely limited is our time available in life, especially as we continue to get older and older.

So spend good old-fashioned quality time your family as often as you possibly can before it’s too late.