How To Change Up Your Sex Life

Whether you are single looking to spice up your sex life, or a couple that needs a little spice after some time apart, the bedroom can be a great place to create excitement with pleasure.

It is after all, your mind and body which makes the experience pleasurable for both parties.

It may not happen in a way you would like, or maybe you have done it and things have run their course, but the good news is that it can be a lot of fun if you do things the right way.

You may be surprised to find out how creative you can get when it comes to changing things up in the bedroom.

If you don’t want to make a big deal out of it, then you can just make little changes that will bring thrill to your love life. Some of these are:

Add a twist to something old-fashioned.

If you can think of an old fashioned activity that is Interesting, do it!

You can try acting like you are from the ’50s, or even better like a police officer or a naughty nurse.

If you can think of something unusual, do that too! Whatever changes things up can only help things.

Ultimately, the fact that it is unusual will thrill your partner, and you will be able to have a whole new experience you didn’t have before.

Make the bedroom something special.

 If your bedroom is boring or a space that needs a lot of work, make it more fun and romantic.

 Buy a new bed frame/bed with something romantic written on it or buy a plant that you can take out somewhere special.

 Eat sugar free candy or other sweets while in bed together.

Try adding sex toys to the mix

If you only use sex toys to masturbate (or not at all) then you are definitely missing out.

Sex toys are great to use with your partner to make sex so much better and more pleasurable than ever before.

And with so many different ways to use them as a couple, you can keep changing things up in the bedroom for quite a while. Be sure to check out Blissful Cherry for more specific guidance on how to use sex toys during sex.

Use candles and dim lights instead of incandescent light.

Again, this will add to the mood.

Put some candles around your bed, but not so close that you can see them.

Or put some candles in the middle of the bed.

It will give a nice romantic effect when the flame room is received seated on the bed.

Put some candles in a little dab on the headboard.

It will give more of a dawning feeling.

Get truly physical with each other

So many couples mistakenly equate all sexual activity as being a romantic one.

However sometimes it is just good to eliminate the romantic component of the act and treat it as a purely physical act.

Have sex like it’s your very first time together, or like it’s your last night on earth.

Enjoy each and every touch and all the pleasurable sensations that come with it.

You can even try whipping or spanking to really get physical with your partner.

When sex becomes all about the physical pleasure again, it can really create an unparalleled excitement in the two of you that has been missing for so long.