Breakups And Moving Forward

There are several reasons for the breaking up of relationships.

Here is one of the reasons:  He/she wanted something that wasn’t going to happen.

This is not the same as wanting something she didn’t want!   The relationship was going nowhere until the break-up.

We are all more likely to want something that won’t happen as long as we don’t have to put forth effort to get it.

Mothers know this.

Scientists know it.

So what you do after a break-up?  How can you deal with something that you really didn’t want to happen?

Let’s say you are dating someone you don’t want.

Each one is built around the same concept.

Dealing with break-up is about getting to know them again and gaining trust in their character.

The choices here are about personal relationships, not business relationships.

So people are going to be thinking more about other things besides the break up!

So what would I recommend if each of these options requires some effort on the person’s part?

Well, we all stand on different terms of how much effort is required.

Which way do you want to turn?  Is it forward or backward?  Which way is best for them?  Are you certain of what direction you want them to move in?

Moving forward or moving backward?

Those are silly questions as well.

Both are equally valid!

If you are moving forward, talk about what you want them to do–you might actually talk about a new destination.

Otherwise, go find a way to talk about where they want to go!    If you are moving backward, listen to what they say and treat them like they don’t have a choice.

Remember, that’s exactly how they wanted to treat you!   Set asides for them.

Of course, in reverse your choices.

Where do you prefer them to be?   There is work to be done but it is easier for them to go down one path than another.

So what are the mutual benefits?  Probably nothing!  Not that you are going to get anything worse off, it’s about the fact that your relationship has turned old.

Why would someone who didn’t know you want to be around again?  I know of nothing.

At the end of the day, what do either of these people gain?  Take that information and look at the possibility of both people gaining something from the break up?

Over time this will be about relationships, not broken ones again.

Get to know each other better and the benefits will be obvious.

However, the break-ups make us realize what some people are better than others.

Assessing workers or other platonic relationships is part of finding your next great romantic relationship.

So do not hesitate looking at all of the people in your life, and thinking about whether they would fit into the mold of a romantic partner.

And if you think that they may like you back, then take that chance and ask them out.

Contrary to what you might believe, there are all sorts of circumstances that can lead to a platonic relationship becoming a romantic one!

But whether your next partner is an old friend or a new acquaintance, jumping back into the dating scene is best way to truly get over a break-up and start moving forward.