About Maggie

Maggie Fortson is a proud wife and mother of five, who is trying to spread the joy of life to everyone that she possibly can.

After having owned and ran her own flower boutique shop, Maggie found the love of her life Tom, and married him within just a few short months of meeting.

As soon as those wedding bells rang, she and Tom quickly got to work making their first child together, conceiving five children in total over the course of 15 years.

Outside of her time spent being a mother of five, Maggie likes to spend her time power walking at her local park for some good old-fashioned exercise, doing crossword or Sudoku puzzles, or enthusiastically making love to her husband when all of her kids are outside of the house.

Maggie’s favorite food is Rocky Road ice cream, and her favorite movie is “The Notebook”.

Her blog focuses on some of the biggest life issues that are often overlooked, and she hopes that her various insights will help her readers make the absolutely most out of their own lives.

Thank you for checking out MaggieFortson.com, and please don’t hesitate to share this thoughtful website with your friends and family if you are so inclined.