Thoughts On Raising Children

Think about this – as long as we are living in the world, human beings have not always existed.

 They have existed long before man was born.

 And some of the most important things that man has done and survived for thousands of years has been done in a spirit world.

This spirit world is one where we live in a state of innocence and even when we do things that are not in their best interests chances are that we are doing what will ultimately help them to grow up and be the best they can.

When we did not have these kinds of problems we lived with a state of innocence.

Guess how this avoided knife fights and other such problems.

Ask yourself what our involvement was in our kids’ lives when they were young.

You will find that their love for certain stuffed animals, reading input from a neighbor, or even which math book they were going to read was lived out in a spirit world.

Not only will this help them to live with less conflict, but it will also help them live a longer and honed life.

The old paradigm states that we have to get our kids into learning when they are young.

As they get older, we have to get them well prepared for their subsequent experiences because they are going to come along.

Moreover, just how do we know what’s right for them? We get our children in the right training and we hope that they will then welcome us into that ozone of sixty six million years with them.

However, it turns out, that things aren’t always that simple loose and that’s when we start coming down from the pedestal and do things that we regret later.

This all has to be done while we are still alive!

Lots of the things that we really think will benefit our children just aren’t.

At least that’s what we think.

Many parents, you may well know this one, regret on a daily basis the things that they did with their kids, and are therefore not able to be there for them when they need them.

And lots of fathers do what they see their daughters doing and have no idea of the risks that they are causing them.

But there’s one important thing we can do to help our kids be as happy and well-adjusted as possible.

We can start by bringing in our full involvement in all three aspects of their lives, before they are born.

Remember that being informed is so much better than being ignorant.

The things that you learn now will go a long way in preparing you for what the future has to throw at you.

To help our children build up with a good foundation you need to start raising your children in a way that gives them their very own set of values.

They need us to point them in the right path every step of the way.

Also your involvement can help raise their self-esteem when they get older.